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Welcome to Contagious Joy! 

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Pam. This is my first post, and I’d like to welcome you to the Contagious Joy website.

The reason I decided to start a blog is because words and anything to do with them (books, reading, writing, editing, paper, pens, pencils, phonics)  are my thing! Oh yeah, and now keyboards. 🙂  

And I thought it would be fun!  I also love to encourage others by sharing joy in many ways, especially by writing real notes and sending them through the real mail.  😉  

So, I hope this blog will be like an encouraging, joy-filled note to you.  Joy and encouragement give hope and we can all use more of that.

Albert Einstein said: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”  Good advice!  A paraphrase of Hebrews 6:19 says: “Hope anchors the soul.”  I love that.

On this Contagious Joy website, encouragement comes in different ways- by the actual blog (Let’s Talk), through beautiful and fun Pictures, and in Tidbits, (nuggets on a variety of topics).

I will be sharing my story in bits and pieces and welcome your participation and comments because I love to hear your stories!  When you check back, the latest posts will be added under Let’s Talk.

After 55 years of living, I have some experience and wisdom (hopefully) to share.  Here are some of the topics I will be sharing about:

  • Family
  • Being healthy 
  • Simply enjoying life
  • Growing on the journey
  • Household routines
  • Enjoying our beautiful world
  • Encouragement
  • Travel- mostly Colorado vacations
  • Perhaps a few recipes
  • Other stuff  🙂

Again, welcome to Contagious Joy. I hope you visit the Get to Know Me page and come back soon.   🙂  Ttyl (talk to you later).

Blessings and blooms,

Pam (Oct. 2016)

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