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“When writing the story of your life, let no one else hold the pen.” ~Harley-Davidson

Hello, my name is Pam Jacobsen.  I’m excited you’re here!  This is where you can get to know a little bit about me.  My husband, Rick, and I have been married for 39 years.  (Does this mean that I am old??)  We are from small towns in Iowa but live in Omaha, Nebraska.  

3 girls and a boy

We have raised 3 daughters and one son:  Lacey-34, Luke-30, Chelsea-28, and Calie-26 (pronounced with a long “a”).   I love them immensely and am quite proud of each of them.  You’ll hear about them from time to time. We had one more “daughter,” Annie.  She was a cute 5-pound Malti-Poo. She left us in June 2018, after 15 years and 2 months.  See our pictures below.  

I have a personal, growing relationship with my Savior, Jesus.  I love attending my growing, vibrant church and especially singing awesome worship songs!

Some of my favorite things include flowers, mountains, white fluffy clouds, starry skies, green trees against a bright blue sky, watching football (especially the Seahawks!), babies and most anything small, the colors periwinkle and pink, coffee, walking, reading, music, (including singing in a choir. I LOVE musical harmony!) and movies.  


Cleaning, not cooking, gets my vote!  I like mint-flavored things: Starbucks Peppermint Mocha, mint-flavored whipped cream, minty dark chocolate, Mint Oreos…you get the picture.  (I know, I know; they are only rare treats.)  😉

As a kid, I went to 9 different schools (in three different states) between kindergarten and 6th grade.  My stepdad got transferred a lot.  In contrast, all my children lived in the same house all their lives until they each moved out.  

When Lacey was 3 and I was pregnant with Luke, I quit my accounting job and have been at home ever since.  I homeschooled my kids and enjoyed it!  

I have done lots of different things to earn income from home:  a 7-day a week paper route, vending machines, and trading the stock market. 

Why blog?

I desired to start a blog for several reasons.  I love anything to do with words: books, reading, writing, editing, paper, pens, pencils, phonics, etc.  Oh yeah, and now keyboards.  😀  

Therefore, I thought it would be fun and a good place to write and document some things.  Also, I love to encourage others in many ways, so I am hoping this is just one more way to be an encourager.  

As I’m on this journey of life, I desire to grow and develop into a better person.  Here, I want to share the joy in the journey with you.  🙂  

The LET’S TALK tab is where you’ll find my blog.

Blessings and blooms, 


January 2020

P.S. I’m going to be a first-time grandma in March!!!

Rick, Pam, Lacey, Luke, Chelsea, and Calie


Chels and Jacob’s wedding