Cicada shell

One of the first pictures I took with my phone

Ornamental peppers

These purple ornamental peppers are fun

Drachenburg Castle, Germany

Image by Mihaela Vorvoreanu 

Okinawa view

Photo taken in Okinawa, 2014


Cat reading a book
Confused mailbox
Face on tree
Heart-shaped spot in leaf
"Snake" in flowers
Purple flower with rock
Heart shaped green water
Red bell pepper singing
Doggie in car mirror
Bunny with petunias
Frog head in water
Squirrel on grill
Bird apartments

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Look down!

Frog in gutter


Baby praying mantis

So tiny and cute 🙂

Green Cicada

This cicada is actually alive!

Spider with dinner and his web

Got my dinner!

Japanese Beetle

Found this guy at the pool


If you just look, you can usually see something interesting


He is out for his walk, too

Leaf cutter

Notice his back leg is missing?

Golden Walking stick

I sure find a lot of fascinating specimens on my deck!

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Near Telluride, Colorado

Near Telluride, Colorado, 2013.  Only accessible via jeep.

Between Ouray and Telluride, Colorado

 Between Ouray and Telluride, Colorado, 2013.  Jeep accessible only.

Curecanti National Recreation area, Colorado

              Curecanti National Recreation area, Colorado, 2013

Near Gunnison, CO

 Gunnison, Colorado area, 2013

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