One recent Saturday night, we made last minute dinner plans and invited 6 people over.  This was possible because my house was clean and ready for whatever because of “Friday Clean Day.”

Cleaning and organizing are 2 of my favorite things to do.  😀   If you have read my post entitled If you want to know who you really are, do this, you know that one of my natural inclinations is Discipline, in which order can be a part of and totally is for me.  Therefore, to me, a messy house is torture.

Here are some tips on how I do things around my home.  If they help you, great.  If not, ignore the ravings of a (somewhat) crazy cleaner!

First of all, have a schedule!

I try not to officially schedule anything for Monday as it is a catch-up/tidy-up day after the weekend.

I use little clues when possible to help me remember.  For example, Tuesday is towels and trash day.

I wash towels that day and set the trash out that night for Wednesday’s pickup.

We usually use one bath towel per person per week in our house.  We’re clean when we dry off!  This really cuts down on laundry loads.

I go to Fresh Thyme (grocery store) each Wednesday morning because it is double ad day.  New ad prices start each Wednesday, but the sale prices from the prior week are still in effect.  If I have other errands, I do them while I am out.

I clean the house and wash Rick’s uniforms on Fridays.  I love a clean house for the weekend!

Neat and clean house

I stayed home as I was raising my children, so I understand if you work outside the home that this schedule may not work for you.

Since I homeschooled my kids, we cleaned together on Fridays.  I made a list of all the things we needed to do and assigned everyone jobs.

This not only lightened my load but taught them responsibility and valuable skills as well.

Second, clean as you go.  I will elaborate in a moment.

Third, “clean the clean.”  See below.

Clean as you go.

Besides the regular cleaning day, I like to touch things up.

If I see that a mirror has gotten splattered, I clean it right then.

If I see something on the floor or carpet that doesn’t belong, I pick it up.  I am talking about fuzz, crumbs, specks, dirt clods, etc.

After I sweep, I like the floor to keep looking clean so I pick up any little thing that catches my eye.

Try to take care of things as they happen or as you notice them.  This really makes a difference.


Hairs on the loose!!

I have a couple of pet peeves.

Dusting is one and loose hairs is another. 😯  Ask anyone who knows me!

I’m always on the lookout for a stray hair that can attack and stick to wet hands (ooh!) or that could get wrapped around a toe (gross!).

In the bathroom, I am careful about putting loose hairs in the trash and not letting them fall onto the floor.  I happen to have a black floor and black rug in one of my bathrooms, which is great because they show every little thing.  That way, I can take care of any culprit right away.

I know, I know, I am nuts!

Remember, you are reading the words of a person who has Achiever, Discipline, and Responsibility as 3 of her top 5 strengths!  😀

Another way to get things done is to make the most of any place you go in the house.

For example, I set things on the stairs to take up or down later. So, if I need to go switch laundry,  I take with me whatever needs to go downstairs. Or, if I need to take my recycling from the kitchen to the garage, I use that trip to grab something out of the garage fridge or freezer that I will need later.  You get the picture.

Sometimes I like to clean “willy-nilly” for something different.

Instead of starting in a room and completing that one before I move on to another room, I will do a part of one and then go do something else in another room.

Example: If I’m cleaning in the bathroom and need to go get the broom from the kitchen, I may stay in the kitchen and do a chore that needs to be done there.

 I let one thing lead to another.  It is kind of fun to break it up this way.  If you see something that needs to be done, do it!

Pink and black bathroom

Clean the clean!

Ok, this may push the limits for some of you, but here goes.  Sometimes I think “the house isn’t very dirty; I don’t need to clean.”

This may be true and sometimes I do skip cleaning, but if I clean when it’s not very dirty it is not a very hard job and I keep up with everything.  

Why wait until everything is messy and out of control?

You have just given yourself a huge, hard job.  Who wants to clean then?

I dust even if it doesn’t look dusty because I don’t want it to look dusty.  🙂

If I basically clean the clean, my house never gets or looks very dirty and doesn’t feel out of control (which is important to Disciplined people like me)!


  • I do a lot of cutting of vegetables and fruit, both for our dinner and for Rick’s lunch each day, so I have a lot of food scraps that could smell up the trash. I use a plastic bag (either a grocery bag or a bag that I have brought produce home in) each day as I prepare dinner and lunch.  I hang it on the handle of a drawer, so it’s handy.  I put all the seeds and scraps, etc. in the bag and wrap it up tightly.  I put this in the trash and can go several days before there is an “issue.”  Saves on trash bags.
  • I keep a plastic grocery bag on a cupboard handle for easy recycling in the kitchen; I don’t have the floor space for a separate container.  When it is full or getting heavy, I transfer it to the recycling bin in the garage.
  • If you don’t seem to have room to store your lids or can’t find a neat way to do it, try this.  Hang a gallon-sized bag on the inside of your under-the-sink-cupboard door and store them there.  (I used a small nail to hang mine.)  They are always readily available.
  • When I see a cobweb (or bug) on the ceiling (we have some 12-foot ceilings), I throw a damp rag up to knock it down.  I also do this where the walls and ceiling meet just to keep anything from getting a start.  You can also use a high-reach duster thing.  🙂
  • When I use hairspray, I stand in front of the tub or shower so that the mist goes into the tub instead of on the floor or the door or the countertop.  The next shower or bath takes care of the sticky residue. Wipe off the edges of the tub if necessary.  Keeps the bathroom cleaner.
  • Sometimes I shake my bathroom rugs into the tub, then rinse the debris right down the drain.  I wouldn’t do this if there was a lot of debris!
  • Keep toilet lid closed, especially when flushing!
  • I use the rail overlooking my entryway to help me fold king- and queen-sized fitted sheets.  After I get 2 corners put together, I lay the sheet over the rail while I grab the other 2 corners.  It’s like having an extra pair of hands.  Since I am up so high, I can easily fold a flat king-sized sheet if I allow it to hang down the other side of the rail.
  • When I change sheets, I like to strip the beds in the morning and then let the bed “air out” for several hours before I put the clean sheets on.  I change sheets every other week on the weekend closest to the 1st and 15th, again just to help me remember.  I like to wash the mattress pads 3 times per year. I mark it on a calendar (usually a bathroom calendar) to help me remember which month I last changed them.  The first of January, May, and September work well.
  • I try not to touch walls, doors (other than the doorknobs), or woodwork, especially the moulding or trim around doors and windows.  The natural oils on our hands can leave a buildup over time.
  • Remember to dust the trim, doors, door jambs, and baseboards once in a while!  Do you think to dust your lamps from the top down including the shade?
  • Of course, keeping clutter and “stuff” to a minimum helps in so many ways.  🙂
Bag for kitchen scraps

Scrap bag

Handy lid storage

Storage for lids

Using an overlooking entryway to fold a sheet!

Rick showing how it’s done 🙂

Do you have towels that “shrink” or pull and don’t fold squarely?  I have noticed that the ones with a band of some kind usually do this.  Now, when I look for new towels I steer clear from any that have something like the one pictured here.  I prefer towels with nothing extra, but once in a while I find some that I think won’t shrink or pull in that area.  If the “band” area is made of a different material than the rest of the towel this could spell trouble.  Just look and carefully check the towel out.  Good luck!

We had a fabulous time that impromptu Saturday night.  I could relax and enjoy because the work had been done ahead of time.  🙂

Happy Cleaning!  Oh, I just thought of something.  My sister, Tricia, is fabulous at helping people declutter and organize.  If that is something you would like help with, let me know and I will get you in touch with her.  

Ta-ta for now.  Blessings and blooms,


Amazing purple flowers

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