Black-eyed susans

“Warm colors, such as yellow and gold may evoke feelings of happiness, optimism, and energy.”

Makes sense to me.

  • Imagine lying on the beach, a cool, white swimsuit wet against your tawny, tan skin while the surging sunlight warms your bones. Peace and happiness, right?
  • How about a fresh “24 hours” that dawns with golden arms reaching down through the clouds–energizing? Yes!
  • When the day is sunny yellow instead of a dull gray or blaring white with snow, optimism and hope spread like eagles’ wings on the wind.

Yellow is cheery, and I hope this post will make you feel bright and sunny!

Here is another “color” post to join my periwinkle and red, white, and blues ones.


I think most of us enjoy what yellow brings. It’s my delight to share some of those things with you.  🙂

Join me in the garden, won’t you?

Orchids at Lauritizen Gardens
Golden mums
Yellow cone flowers
Colorful Lantana
Yellow and red flower
Yellow day lilies
Yellow Iris
Bird of Paradise

My kiddos…in hues of yellow

One more hug before he leaves

Luke’s first day of preschool and Chelsea telling him goodbye

Big-eyed baby

Lacey surrounded by her yellow blankie

First day of kindergarten

Calie’s 1st day of kindergarten. All 4 kids used this yellow backpack!

May 2009

Random Stuff  😉

Cool tree and side of building, Apache Junction, AZ

The outside wall of Organ Pizza in Apache Junction, AZ

Cute Maltipoo

Annie’s fluffy and clean after a bath

Small colorful tomatoes

A colorful bowl of tomatoes and ducks!

Hot air balloon-Ridgway, Colorado

Hot air balloon on a clear, sunny morning

Kelp (seaweed)

Golden seaweed

Golden trees-Fall

Yellow house and golden trees are bathed in an afternoon glow

Yellow caterpillar

Love the fur coat!  🙂

 Scenery and Such 

Hawaiian sunrise

Sisters watch the sunrise over Kailua, HI

Sunset under Oceanside Pier

Peaceful ending to a sunny day

Golden waves of Pacific Ocean near Oceanside Pier

Golden evening at the beach

Colorado in its splendor

Bright yellow Aspens seen on Highway 24 in NW Colorado

"Golden" water in RMNP

“Golden” water, Bridal Veil Falls, RMNP, Colorado

Golden fire for roasting marshmallows

Golden campfire, Vala’s Pumpkin Patch

Old brick road

Intriguing old brick road, Elkhorn, NE

Yellow is tasty…

Yellow and red peppers

Colorful peppers are a staple around our house. Yum.

Orange rolls--Yum!!

The color of yellow and the taste of orange…a rare treat

Big lemon

Pucker up!

Home-canned peaches

I canned these with my mother-in-law  🙂

Buttery corn on the cob

Sweet corn is summertime flavor

Yellow is optimistic

Thoughts Become Things sunset
Whatever you believe about yourself
Proverbs 3:5-6

♥ Sunny People ♥

Mother and daughter at wedding

Alyssa and Connie

Adopt a highway crew

My sister, kiddos, and me

Rick and I enjoying warm, sunny Arizona  🙂

One year anniversary photo ideas

Chels and Jacob

↔ These will get you there in style   ↔

Classic yellow chevy

She’s a classic!

Old yellow bicycle

Fun and awesome!


Splendid sunset by Grant Johnson

Whether it’s flowers, kids or people in yellow, scenery, food, thoughts, or even random things, yellow is beautiful!

Well, after all that yellowness,

I hope you are happy and energized!

I’ll talk with you soon. Take care, my friend.  🙂

Blessings and blooms,


Matte lemon-yellow roses
Sunset, Omaha, NE

The End!

As the sunset ends the day, so this photo ends the post.

Author: Pam

Glad you’re here!